2018 | EULOGY

EULOGY reflects upon the initiation of facing self reflection. The collection looks at taking the first steps towards understanding that in order to move forward we must acknowledge, understand, and learn from our past. It is the pain in the process of reflecting on our reality.It is the moment we face our fears and look back to ground ourselves in being able to comprehend how we made it to where we are now. It is learning to accept what has been given to us and choosing to grow.


Nods to emo and punk rock are spliced and infused into the collection in reference to the music that helped us process, grow, and overcome many emotions and traumas during a very vulnerable period of time. Plaid is seen as a key fabric while band tees inspired by previous collections continue the storyline about a queer journey of self discovery.


CINEMATOGRAPHY/EDITING Mohamed Ibrahim Ali DIRECTION/STYLING Marchel B. Eang MAKE UP AND GROOMING Kendahl Jung MODEL Kendell Yan (Queen Maiden China) AUDIO No Mana - Nostalgia Drive arranged by OKIBI